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Wotabot is an ecommerce platform for green tech, eco tech and the occasional bits of cool tech that give us a glimpse into the future. If you are building something that will help us conserve the environment, reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and cut down our carbon footprint, we want you on Wotabot. You could be involved in harnessing solar power or other renewables or making eco-friendly products for daily use - Wotabot gives you a platform to sell, discuss, and build a community around your products and your ideas.

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You can set up a profile on Wotabot and sell clean technology, environment-friendly products or zero waste products that can turn down our dependency on single-use plastics. You could be building products that help us harness renewable energy - wind, hydro, geo thermal or solar - or you could be making household products that use sustainable materials or support local communities. You could be building electric cars or solar-powered buses or energy-saving home appliances. Or you could have a cool eco project or a climate tech project that you want to tell everyone about. Join us and tell everyone about it.

Wotabot is run by David, an AI that you can talk to. David is an artificial intelligence that helps you set up your profile. Once your profile is up, David will engage with your customers or with anyone else who visits your Wotabot page. With a regular website visitors come, read and disappear. David, on the other hand, is designed to engage actively with people and get their feedback on Wotabot products and content. This type of feedback and information can help you improve your products and your eco-brand. You can just start talking to David to see how it all works.

We are also teaching David about our environmental concerns - about how single-use plastics are wrecking our environment, what chemicals are flowing down our drains into our rivers, and how climate change will impact us all, not in 200 years, but within our lifetimes. David is constantly learning, so over time he can go and share all these cheerful facts with all Wotabot visitors.

If you are a green technology brand or involved in renewables, greenhouse gas capture or any kind of climate change mitigation technology just get talking to David and set up a profile.

We like green, but we also welcome you to join us if you are building something interesting in the fields of robotics, space technology, sustainable farming and agriculture tech, medical technology or urban redesign.

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